How to make crafts from simple thrift. Thrift is not a sesatu kitchen set malang that has no benefit if we can change this into a very beautiful handicrafts. We can change some existing around the thrift became a decoration or craft in a simple manner.

Below there are some tutorials how to make crafts from simple thrift. Step by step would be presented clearly. Here are some ways to make handicrafts from thrift, along with the picture.
.: How to make crafts from a second-hand simple:.
How to make a doll from a used socks

Craft dolls from SOCKS requires a pair of old socks. The first step that needs to be done is to cut the top of the socks. Next is change the sock inside out and attach the rubber band is tight at the top of the socks. Then turn the sock right side out again and fill a sock with clumps of rags. Straps with rubber on the top of the socks and on a piece of 3/4 from the top to form the head of the snowman.

After the result has set up a stuffed snowman, decorate with some extra parts like, tying a scarf around the neck a snowman and adding eyes, nose, and buttoned shirts. For the part of the eye can use the head of a needle pentul. In the final step, use the end pieces of the other socks to make the hat-shaped stocking. You can sew or glue on buttons of the shirt and add embellishments such as Ribbon or thread if needed. How to make dolls from socks of the former is a craft that’s quick and simple.
How to make stuffed closed bottles of mineral water

Hand crafted from a second-hand simple second is handicrafts made from closed bottles of mineral water. As for the materials to be prepared as follows:

bottle cap that has been washed and dried,
white acrylic paint, Acrylic paint Orange,
Black permanent markers,
small paint brush,
narrow ribbons,
hot glue and glue sticks,
a small piece of yarn or Ribbon (optional).

The first step to do is paint bottle caps became white with three or four layers so as to completely cover the surface and also to make it look nice and smooth.

After the bottle cap is dry, the next thing to do is cut a piece of narrow ribbon about two inches longer than the length of the three stacked bottle caps. DAB the back of each bottle cap with hot glue and give the tape and let the excess Ribbon hanging from the top. Once dry, membelik and put a small drop of glue between each bottle caps to secure. At the top, fold the excess tape to the rear, creating a circle, and stick with a DAB of hot glue.

After all the glue is completely dry, use a fine paint brush and paint the Orange carrot nose to add shape to the first bottle cap. Then use sepidol as a permanent black marker on the eyes and mouth on the top lid, and three buttons on the middle of the lid. How to make a doll from a used mineral water bottle cap can you develop it again as you wish by adding other decorations.

Do you have a used stuff lying around that is too dear to be discarded? Or maybe you want to get maximum value from the former goods? Hopefully a tutorial how to make crafts from this simple thrift can be answered both questions above. Thank you so much for visiting our page about how to make crafts from this simple thrift. I hope You come again. May you always have days that are creative and beautiful ^_^