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The stench at Miss V
The stench at Miss V
The stench at Miss v. Smell happens to miss-V often occur in women. The stench at miss-V is caused by various things like sexually transmitted diseases, bacterial growth, infection by the fungus, irritation and bad hygiene. Well, if the stench at miss-V this is happening, then thought how solutions to deal with the problem. The following natural ways that can be done to overcome the stench at miss-v:

Do! 5 ways to Overcome the stench at Miss V in a natural way
Garlic has antibiotic properties that can help in coping with the stench at miss-V. Garlic can be raw or dikonsusi mtang regularly every day. You can take one to two cloves when the stomach is still in a State of empty and coupled with a glass of warm water. Good properties at this garlic is antifungal that can help do the resistance against infections caused by yeast so that the body can get rid of that nasty bacteria.
The next way was with drank enough water, at least of drinking water consumed about 8 glasses each day. A fact to prove if the body has sufficient mineral then will be free by a variety of health problems. With a drink of water, then effectively the body will get rid of the bacteria and the toxins that are dangerous.
Apples can be used to perform resistance at miss-V odor through on the Apple Cider vinegar which contains natural bacteria. This way is a simple way to eliminate odor on sedapnya not miss-V by pouring apple cider vinegar on the warm water into the bathtub. Then start the ritual within half an hour of soaking. It will help restore the miss-V by the quality of its acid until no smell Tuberose would soon go away. Do this 4-5 times a week to do the fast results.
Tea Tree Oil
The content on the tea tree oil is antifungal and antiseptic properties which serve to eradicate the odor does not foul on the miss-V. Pick some tea tree oil and then dilute with water. After that it was used to wash and rinse the area of femininity. Another way is to add into the water that will be used to take a bath around 3-4 drops of vinegar 3 cups are accompanied on the pure apple cider, then use to soak in it about ½ hour. Do this a number of ways 3 or 4 times a week, then contributed to the removal of the stench at miss-V will soon be realized.
Citrus Fruits
Citrus fruits can also help fight infection, incidence of odor and irritation in the area of womanhood with more active. The content of vitamin which is owned by Orange is a wealth of vitamins namely vitamin C that will help strengthen the immune system and eliminate toxins in all parts of the body. Wal results, siste immunity on the body will also be improved and the body able to fight bacteria or harmful kman on miss-V area. We recommend that you also more diligent in consuming kinds of fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, pineapple and others to help fight against the possibility of infection that occurs in the urinary tract.

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How made using natural ingredients are used to remove odors on the miss-V above is highly recommended as a solution of the problems that often occur in the female sex organs. Using garlic, water, apples, tea tree oil and citrus fruits, is expected to help overcome the stench of foul not disturbing the comfort women.