As we know, that the fish was a member of the vertebrate travel malang juanda poikilotermik (cold-blooded) the most varied with the number of species is more than 27.000 worldwide, live in water and breathe with gills. Here are some of the creepy fish:

1. African Lungfish

A pretty bizarre River creatures in my opinion. For people who have never seen it, definitely would have thought these creatures as a monster because of its creepy.
However, even though the shape is horrible, it is not at all dangerous. This fish adapt to their environment are less oxygen, thus making these fish rarely seen by humans.

2. Goliath Tigerfish
Hear the name alone, we already know if this being is not the creature of indiscriminate. With a length of 1.5 metres reaching more sharp teeth, and certainly many people are frightened by these fish look spooky.
Goliath Tigerfish is the largest in the family of Tigerfish variant, and is a great predator. This fish is known for its strength and its velocity.

3. Vampire Piranha
Piranha is a vampire is a close relative of the famous piranha fish of the Amazon River. This fish is called a vampire teeth fangs of piranha because that can reach 6 inches. A rare piranha fish known to live in the Orinoco River, Venezuela.
4. Mekong Giant Catfish

Surely most readers already know the fish on this one. A fish that is almost similar to the whale shark it is the largest freshwater fish ever found and came from China. The largest size is closer to the Pope than freshwater fish in General.
5. Bagarius Yarelli

Also known as “the Yeti from the river” or catfish meat eaters. This fish has teeth – sharp teeth with a length of up to 1 inch. In fact, the fish habitat is scattered in several countries in Asia is said to be fond of eating human flesh, although still limited to rumors.

6. Alligator Gar

River creature this one looks like a cross between a alligator with fish. Animals that live in North America is rarely hunted prey, but waiting for prey to pass by in front of his mouth, and then he pounced with remarkable speed.

7. the Pirarucu
Overview of Pirarucu similar Arowana fish that are popular in Indonesia, these fish also have similarities with fish, Arowana that is the same – the same love to jump into the air to hunt as well as a breath of air.
These fish are essentially harmless, but if it feels threatened, it will use his head for a self defense weapon.

8. Chinese Paddle Fish
Fish originating from China is indeed unique. Many people say if this fish is a fish with the face of the worst in the world. Although the nickname King of the Yangtze River, but this fish is thought to have been extinct.
9. Piraiba Catfish
Fish that can reach 3 meters in length with a weight of 272 kg this makes fear of most anglers. This fish is known for its power, even the fish is said to be capable of making a man drowning because of his strength.
Many rumors circulating if the cause of the missing angler – anglers when fishing on the river is because this fish by being dragged into the River to drown.
Well, it turns out that the River was not inferior to the ocean, many beings – unique creatures live here. Although their physical forms – is unique and strange, but it cannot be denied if the Earth still holds a great potential of undiscovered sports man