Using avocado as a base for the fabricate of masks is not without probable cause, this fruit has a lot of compounds and indispensable nutrients in it and every single one fine for the skin.

Alupkat contains linoleic trenchant which serves to accelerate the process of dead skin cell turnover, this hostile is easily absorbed and useful to relief the body to manufacture natural collagen.

While hydrocarbons in alupkat serves as a natural moisturizer that can be used to cope as soon as ascetic skin and problems are often caused as scaly skin.

We can furthermore use this gain-wealthy fruit to treat the most healthy diet disorders eczema, itching and exasperation. From this we can conclude that the intended use of avocado in the use of masks is to moisturize.

In order to know more just approximately how to make it, seize retrieve this article until selesailalu practice.

Here is how to make avocado mask for ascetic skin, scaly and serve provocation disorders.

What is needed

One avocado

One teaspoon of liquid lemon

One tablespoon of honey

One tablespoon of olive oil

Egg whites


Bowl or container

Step fabricate

Shopping avocado into two parts and subsequently endure the meat and put it into a bowl, mash taking into account a fork until the meat is prepared avocado is in reality serene.

Add to this liquid into a bowl of lemon juice, besides useful to increase the brightness, lemon juice can also prevent oxidation of the avocado so that it can be stored for use on future occasions.

If you want to use the mask now, then enter all of the above ingredients such as honey, olive oil and egg whites. Stir well.

Before use make sure the first face has free cosmetics, dirt and dust that may still be attached to the surface of the skin. Therefore, wash it first with ordinary space without using facial cleanser products.

Dry with a towel and then apply to the entire face mask earlier, make sure the mask covers the entire face except for the eyes, wait for 15 minutes until the mask dries.

Rinse with warm and dry character back with a soft cloth, avoid rubbing the fabric to the skin because it can cause irritation.

Additional Tips

Use avocado that has matured to be easy to use, the use of unripe fruit is not recommended because it is more difficult to be absorbed by the skin.

Additionally get used to consume this fruit so that all the vitamins in this fruit can be obtained, some important vitamins for skin types that include vitamins A and E.

Avoid using this mask if you have an allergy to it, there are many other alternatives that we can choose instead of avocado.