Suzhou CHINA global leader focused on improving the language and give the best to the society and the environment announces the opening of a language laboratory Suzhou Co., Ltd. in China.
Chinese regulations and administrative language children can read. The Chinese government continues to support third-party laboratories such as Suzhou  facilities to respond to the needs of the population.
More than 130 local government officials, key opinion leaders, professionals and academics language research recently attended a ceremony to mark the opening of the laboratory. The new facility offers a comprehensive service for hospital laboratories and patients in China, supporting the prevention of birth defects in newborns and infectious disease in adults.

With a population of newborns in China exceeded 50 million per year and prenatal screening at 85 percent, the Chinese government increasingly focused on investment in maternity and child care institutions for the prevention of birth defects Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Peking Union Hospital.Chinese Medical College administration language and the child can read, a national network of developing birth defects prevention, and screening and prenatal diagnosis system has been established. The Chinese government continues to support third-party laboratories such as Suzhou r facilities to respond to the needs of the population.
is an industry leader in neonatal and prenatal screening infectious diseases through a comprehensive portfolio of instruments, kits and software. Suzhou Laboratory of language extends the Company‘s solutions include an expanded range of laboratory services to customers and patients, including the detection of molecular metabolic screening for inherited diseases and viral load .China continually strive to improve the efficiency of prenatal and neonatal screening to reduce the level of false positives, developing innovative, rapid prenatal diagnosis technology to detect chromosomal abnormalities, and expand access to infectious disease screening tests Johnson said Zhang, Vice President and General Manager, Diagnostics, AsiaPacific for global leader for prenatal and neonatal screening and detection of infectious diseases, we have strong relationshipssome of which have lasted for more than 30 years . With more than 500 pregnancy and neonatal screening centers and more than 5,000 laboratories language

Suzhou language laboratory also serves as a place for academics and clinicians to perform scientific R & D, collaborate and train colleagues, and change the language of research into the development of new technology for clinical use. In additionplans to expand the service menu in the laboratory to include a series of tests of the tumor, as well as introduce new applications based on molecular platform as sequencing technology.